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February 10, 2022 – Minutes

Glacier Hills Elementary

SCC Meeting Notes

February 10, 2022


In attendance: Andrew Edtl, Sam Knecht, Jesse Hennefer, Lori Salter, Jamie Uncapher, Julie Johansen, Michael Price, Sarah Heaton, Julie Winfree

Excused: Stephanie Robbins

Absent: Joey Jorba, Chris Heaton, Lindsay Derrick, Katherine Hughes


Call to order

  1. Voted in SCC officers
    • Chair – Andrew Edtl, Vice Chair – Lori Salter, Secretary – Sarah Heaton
  2. Review progress on Glacier Hills –
    • The school is on schedule to be turned over to the district on July 15th – See attached presentation
  3. Review Bell View and Edgemont Student Data
    • See attached presentation
  4. Review current Bell View and Edgemont’s current plans
    •  See attached presentation
  5. Begin Writing TSSP and LAND Trust plans
    •  See attached presentation
  6. Discuss Safe Routes walking plans –
    • See attached presentation
  7. Update website with all SCC members names
    • Completed
    • Website is up and running
  8. AVID program –
    • Will have a planning year in 2022-2023, implementation 2023-2024
  9. Answer any questions about Glacier Hills


Following the meeting, Jessica Hopkins sent in a resignation. She is not able to participate this year. Lindsay Derrick resigned as well. Chris Heaton did not intend to be on the SCC so will not be on the SCC, Halle Wilkins and Amy Mero have joined us from the alternate list.

Next two meetings March 10th  and April 14th at 5:00 PM at Bell View Elementary in the media center.

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