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Safe Walking Routes

Glacier Hills Suggested Walking Routes

The attached map shows suggested walking routes for Glacier Hills Elementary Students.

Arrows shown indicate suggested walking routes. Please select the best route from your home to the school for our students to follow. Mark this route with a red pencil or crayon.

You and your child should become familiar with the route by walking it together. Please instruct your child to follow all crossing-guard instructions and to use marked crosswalks.


Please note the following:

1. Students should use sidewalks and/or painted walking areas. 

2. Students living North of 9400 s. will be provided with transportation to/from school on a bus. 

3. Students living west of 700 E will be provided with transportation to/from school on a bus.

4. Students living south of Sego Lily Drive will walk along their respective streets Sego Lily Drive. At Sego Lily Drive, students will cross with the crossing guard at Galena Dr (730 E), Sandy Canal Trail, or Flint Dr, then continue to Galena Dr and cross at the Galena Dr and Flint Dr intersection. 

5. Students East of Flint Drive should use crosswalk at Galena Drive and Flint Drive.

6. Students living north of the school should use the catwalk at 1040 E Sleepy Hollow Ln, or the catwalk at the northeast corner of the school grounds.

7. Students living in the Poppy Ln neighborhood north of Galena Dr will follow their respective streets to Poppy Ln, walk south to Galena Dr, then follow Galena Dr to the school.

8. Students living south of Galena Dr and north of Sego Lily Dr will follow their respective streets, crossing Galena Drive at Flint Dr or with the crossing guard at 1020 E. 

9. Students living in the neighborhood west of 835 E will access Onyx Ln through the catwalk, then walk along the trail to access the school grounds at the northwest corner of the grass field area. 

10. Students living on Meckailee Cove will walk north to 9400 South, east along 9400 South to Poppy Lane turn south walking along Poppy Lane to Onyx Ln, then walk along the trail to access the school grounds at the northwest corner of the grass field area. 

11. Please refer to the parking lot map for information regarding dropping off and picking up students in front of the school.

12. The buses will use the designated bus lane on the west side of the school. This is not for parent use. Parents wishing to pick up and drop off students should enter the school grounds from Galena Drive, entering through the access at the east side of the school.


Crossing Guard, Flashing Lights and Painted Crosswalks at Flint Dr. and Galena Drive as well as a crossing guard at 1045 East and 9800 South.

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