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January 12, 2023 – Agenda

Glacier Hills Elementary

School Community Council Agenda

January 12, 2023

1. Opening

2. Attendance

3. Approval of Agenda

4. Approval of Minutes

5. SCC Chair Update & Calendar

6. Election of Chair

a. Required Action Item

7. Fund Sources/Approvals

a. Cell Tower

b. Land Trust Funds


8. Bylaws Amendment

a. Potential Action Item

b. Member recommends making a change to Article III, Paragraph 1, replace “1.A quorum is a qualified majority with the stipulation that the majority must follow the legal composition of the council and have at minimum, two more parent members than employee members present to vote.” with “1.A quorum will consist of at least half of the members.”

9. Discussion on the potential removal of an absent member

a. Potential Action Item

10. Safety Drills Report

11. Principal report and discussion on the start of the TSSP, Land Trust, and Positive Behavior plans.

12. Discussion on professional development expenditures needed to support goals.

13. Discussion on Child Access Routing Plan (SNAP)

14. District Focus Items (if any)

15. Old Business

a. Follow up for cell tower money distribution

16. Member Concerns/Comments

17. Agenda for Next Meeting

18. Adjournment


Upcoming Topics

Subject to change at the direction of the Chair

• February 9th, 2023

Follow up on TSSP, Land Trust, and Positive Behavior plans

• March 9th, 2023

Discussion on TSSP, Land Trust plans (should be nearly finalized)

Review Positive Behavior Plan

Discussion on elections and open seats for next year

• April 13th, 2023

TSSP, Land Trust and Positive Behavior plans and signature page due to district on April 11th

• May 11th, 2023


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