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SCC Bylaws

SCC Bylaws


Glacier Hills Elementary School Community Council


Utah State Law

School Community Councils

·       53G-7-1202 (Duties and Election)

·       53G-7-1203 (School community councils open meeting requirements)

·       53G-7-1206 (The Law Creating the LAND Trust Program)

·       UT Constitution Article X Section 5


·       53F-2-404 (School LAND Trust Program distribution of funds)

·       53G-4-402 (17)(a-d) (Child Access Routing Plan)

·       53G-7-1301 (Teacher and Student Success Program (TSSP))

·       53G-7-1305 (TSSP plan review and approval)

·       53G-10-407 (Positive behaviors plan)

Utah State Board of Education Rules

·       R277-477 (Distributions of Funds)

·       R277-491 (School Community Councils Authority and Purpose)

·       R227-495-3(3) (Electronic Device Plan)

Canyons Board of Education Policy

·       CSD Policy 200.06 – Teacher and Student Success Act (TSSA)

·       CSD Policy 500.06 – Technology Resources – Electronic Devices and Network Acceptable Use (Students)

·       CSD Policy 700.01 – School Community Councils


1.     A quorum is a qualified majority with the stipulation that the majority must follow the legal composition of the council and have at minimum, two more parent members than employee members present to vote.

2.     The School Community Council will meet monthly September through May.

a.     The meeting schedule will be voted on by the council in September.

b.     The council must approve meeting cancellations.

c.      The council may approve additional meetings as required.

d.     The chair may call a special meeting as required.

3.     A patron may bring a topic to the council by contacting the chair at least 10-days prior to the scheduled meeting. While the chair is encouraged to add patron issues to the agenda, they are not required to.

4.     Items that will not be discussed by the council include:

a.     Personnel issues.

b.     Issues requiring the use of individual student information.


1.     Membership

a.     The number of school community council members will be limited to 12 parent members and up to five employee members for a total of 17 members.

2.     Elections

a.     Notification of available council parent member seats, election dates and procedure for declaring candidacy for the council will be given with registration information from Glacier Hills Elementary School, posted on the school website, and posted in the office.

b.     Interest sheets will be collected, and parents contacted for verification during the two weeks prior to the beginning of the school year.

c.      If the number of new parent candidates for open positions keeps the maximum number to 12 parents or less, all candidates will be allowed to serve on the council.

d.     Elections will be held at the school during the week of Back to School Night.

e.     All elected positions will be for 2-year terms.

f.      Employee elections will be held during employee meetings at the beginning of year.

3.     Attendance

a.     Members, both parents and employees, have an expectation of attendance. If for some reason a member cannot attend, they need to notify the chair ahead of time to be excused.

b.     Missing three meetings during a given school year will be grounds for the respective group (parent or employee) to appoint a replacement. If absences are excused, respective group may give a warning, but on fourth absence, the member may be replaced.

4.     Leadership Elections

a.     The election for a chairperson will occur in April of each year. The chair will serve June through May. The chair must be a parent member.

b.     The election for vice-chair and secretary will occur during the first meeting of the year in September.

                                      i.     The vice-chair can be a parent or an employee.

                                     ii.     The secretary is optional and can be a parent or an employee.

5.     Leadership Positions

a.     Chair: creates agendas and conducts the meetings. Other duties as outlined in Canyons School District Policy and other statute.

b.     Vice-Chair: Works with the Chair and conducts the meeting at the request of the chair, or during their absence.

c.      Secretary: Takes notes at the meeting and creates the minutes for approval by the council.

d.     PTA Liaison: The PTA may appoint a liaison to the council. The liaison may be an elected parent member of the council or a non-voting member.


1.     These bylaws may be amended by a majority vote of the council.

2.     These bylaws must be reviewed each year in September, and the review annotated in the minutes.

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