1085 E Galena Drive Sandy, UT 84094

February 9, 2023 – Minutes

2022-2023 February Minutes

Thursday, February 9, 2023

5:30 PM 

1. Opening 

The meeting was called to order at 5:30 PM.

It was held in-person at Glacier Hills Elementary School, 1085 E Galena  Drive Sandy, UT 84094



Tyler Smith- President Chair/Parent-present

Lori Salter – Vice Chair/Employee-present

Sarah Heaton – Secretary/Parent-present

Julia Winfree – Principal – present

Sam Knecht – Parent – resigned

Jesse Hennefer – Parent – present

Jamie Uncapher – Employee- Absent (excused)

Stephanie Robbins – Parent-present

Julie Johansen – Parent – present

Michael Price – Employee – present

Katherine Hughes – Parent -present

Hallie Wilkins – Parent – present

Amy Mero – Parent – Absent (excused)

Joey Jorba – resigned


3. Approval of Agenda

Stephanie Robbins motioned to approve the February agenda as presented. Hallie Wilkins seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously


4. Approval of Minutes

Jessie Hennefer motioned to approve January minutes as presented.  Stephanie Robbins seconds.  The motion passed unanimously.


5. SCC Chair Update and Calendar 

No updates at this time


6. Discussion of Removal of a Chair Member

Joey Yorba has resigned as a member of the SCC

We have 10 parents, 5 employees. A quorum is still 8.


7. Safety Drills Report

Julia Winfree wants to do another fire drill.  They are still installing Telecenter U before they can do the next drill.  The district also wants to be in attendance at that fire drill to see if the new system works well.


8. Review of Councils Stewardship Items

Land Trust and TSSA funds

Both the Land trust funds and the TSSA may seem over or under spent.  That is not actually the case as some of the money in         one can be rolled over into the other.  Overall it should all add up.

Positive Behavior Plans, School Safety plan, and Digital Citizenship

They are excited to start the ‘Thrive Time Plan’ as it will give a framework for a lot of the disparate Behavior plans that they             have.  It will also clarify some of the existing general behavior expectations.


9. Principals Report and Discussion on TSSP and Land Trust

In summary, there is very encouraging evidence that what they are currently doing is working well.  Both the math metrics and reading metrics are seeing marked improvements over all grades. To stay in budget next year, they plan to use 4 interventionists instead of 6.  They will be using more tier 1 training.  The licenses with ST math and Lexia have been proved to be strong tools and worth the license fees.

-Data Slide Show

Council asked general clarifying questions.  The plan was carefully planned and the council had no further recommendations.

There was general appreciation for the emotional support that Glacier Hills is investing in.


10. District Focus Items (if any)

None at this time


11. Member Concerns/Comments

Members had no concerns or comments


12. Agenda For Next Meeting


13. Adjournment

Tyler Smith motioned to adjourn, motion passed unanimously

Meeting closed at 7:00pm


Upcoming Topics

• March 9th, 2023

Discussion on TSSP, Land Trust plans (should be nearly finalized)

Review Positive Behavior Plan

Discussion on elections and open seats for next year

• April 13th, 2023

TSSP, Land Trust and Positive Behavior plans and signature page due to district on April 11th

Recruiting Booth -Events

• May 11th, 2023


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